Tree Plantation Drive

“Pavan Guru Paani Pita, Maata Dhart Mahat …”Air is our Teacher, Water our Father And the Earth our Mother ~ Guru Nanak Dev JI Nov 8 – On Tuesday, a post appeared on the Social Education Facebook page from a wonderful and giving community member, Rosy Narula. The cause? To celebrate the 550th birthday of […]

PSA: Delta, INSE Intro

Please click on the image below to open up the full PSA before reading the article that follows. This attached document also highlights the guidelines for sharing this article on social media, and within your paper or your online publication. Schools to Condos: Should Delta Secondary Be ‘Saved’? by Larry Pattison(Words 1,628)November 4, 2019 UPDATE: We […]

OPINION | Dear Divisional Court

Other parts of the world have been following this process from day one. Let’s ensure the outcome of their coverage of this topic can be read locally with pride as news stories showcasing the progressive Province we are – not one travelling through time in a beat up old Delorean.

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