At INSE, community is at the forefront of everything that we do.

We believe that a holistic connection to people and creating a sense of self-identified inclusiveness even beyond those we directly serve, is key to meaningfully changing education, business, and community dialogue while creating systems where buy-in from the whole comes naturally.

From his work as a school board Trustee, starting a community event 6 years ago with separated families in mind, to coaching local sports teams for many years, our founder has a passion for working with people in an effort to both see greater outcomes for our youth and their families, and in search of creative alternatives to ensure inclusion as defined by the individual, can be achieved.

As we grow our community programming, you will see these initiatives highlighted in the drop-downs from the Community tab.

Have an alternative solution that would fit nicely under the INSE umbrella whether it’s an event, programming, or otherwise, you can contact our Protector Larry Pattison at 289-689-2870 to discuss your passion for creating a stronger sense of community.

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