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Let’s Buy A School

While still a Trustee, I started a project to help me create a business plan for a school I started to envision as I learned more and more about the former Parkview Secondary School that lived on Balsam Ave., and as I gradually came to terms with the fact that there would never be a Parkview within my local school board again.

Although I have created a business plan in the usual fashion before, working two jobs had me longing for a little creativity to find some balance where a technical job, an emotional ‘part-time’ job, and being a partner, father, and step-dad were keeping me on my toes. So why not a business plan in the form of a book, I thought?

So, I started to write but tried to bring other passions like drawing, music, and film into the mix as well as my new passion for education and civic engagement. I created a pseudonym with his own Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram accounts. There were the beginnings of a soundtrack, a few audio tracks for the first chapters.  I was 21 chapters in, but in those final 6 months of being a Trustee, I threw everything I had at the role knowing that continuing on was not in my or my families best interest for so many reasons. Then we planned our wedding, got married, and now here we finally are.

I was just getting ready to really touch on the idea of the school and INSE itself, before the black, un-linked text of ‘Clubhouse’ would stare back at myself and any remaining followers for the past year and a half.

Part of me does not wish to share this story. Especially on a platform I am still developing and looking for any creditability I can as someone with little education and no papers or financials worthy of such a lofty goal.

This story is rather silly. Downright absurd even, but if I can say something about INSE to really sum it up as I prepare to tell you more in future posts, it’s that it is not something anyone will ever own but everyone must have something to contribute. Writing and creativity in general, is what I would like to bring to the INSE table beyond being a founding member and its original protector.

I know I talked in my last article about community hubs, but I will add that I envision the school being more of an education mall. The most sustainable school model with a community buy in that is unmatched in worldwide education circles.

I know it’s best to start small, but with an asset available before us, it’s at least an opportunity to discuss that the end vision of INSE is in the form of a Delta, Barton, or any building of this size to create a real community incubator between business, education, and everything in between.

So come dream of buying a school with me in a story titled after a song I fell in love with from a talented gentleman out of Queens in New York who goes by the name Nescora. The title is Krazy Over You. You can find that song at the bottom of the website in what was the beginnings of a soundtrack for the film that would surely result in this imagined tale.

You may think I am even more delusional after reading this tale – especially if you only get through the first few chapters, but if you aren’t willing or able to let go of norms and past ways of thinking about generally everything,  you’ll never realize the peace that lives within finding the inner child, being free to dream without worry of being thought the fool, and the things that can come as a result of dreaming allowed and not letting fear hold you back from sharing your innermost thoughts.

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid…” ~ Epictetus


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Buy A School

  1. Hi Larry,
    Are you trying to make a case for a charter school or a true vocational school?
    This is a fantastic idea, but funding has to come from somewhere. Will business fund this model? I’m with you on eliminating EQAO. If those funds were available, you would have yourself a school!

    1. Hi Deban. Thanks for the question. We see it as a Charter School of sorts but minus some of the stipulations in place for the Albert system which is the only Province that current allows up to 15 Charter Schools to operate. Our next post will float some funding ideas.

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