Pumpkin Prowl

Brief Synopsis:

Whether it’s parenting time sharing for separated families, work schedules, or other reasons one parent isn’t able to spend Halloween with their child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc., Pumpkin Prowl is a fast growing alternative to the big day itself.

Although the event was created with separated families in mind, it is open to all children of any age.

Kate Andrus
Larry Pattison

Year Created:

Current Host Family:
Tara Pattison
Larry Pattison
Emma Pattison
Hayleigh Mills
Abigail Pattison

Family photo from our 6th Annual Prowl (Left to Right: Abby, Larry, Emma, Tara, Hayleigh)

Event Name History:
Pumpkin Prowl: 2014-2017
Kate Andrus Pumpkin Prowl: 2018-

Event Location:
Pop-Up Festival: Belview Park, 205 Belmont Ave, Hamilton, ON Canada
Trick-Or-Treating: Participating Neighbourhood Homes

Event Date:
Before Halloween on a weekend evening. Date announced yearly in April.

Social Footprint:
Website: www.pumpkinprowl.ca
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pumpkinprowl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pumpkinprowl
Email: pumpkinprowl@gmail.com


“Pumpkin Prowl, like advanced voting, for Halloween! But a lot more fun.” ~ Jeff Mahoney, The Hamilton Spectator

” Pumpkin Prowl, an alt-Halloween designed for children of divorced parents, which sets Hamilton, Ont., trick-or-treaters loose about a week before tradition would dictate. ” ~ Ben Cohen, The Globe and Mail

“In the middle of a big city, it felt like we were in our own little community tonight. Thank you to the organizers for all the work in making the Pumpkin Prowl available to us. The kids loved it!!! Lovin’ the sense of community.” ~ Shelley (past event attendee)

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